Use earthy tones and colors inspired by nature

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Good news: an earth-tone color palette can be more than beige and blue! Although favorites never go out of style, we’re here to guide you with a wider variety of earth-toned color schemes. Whether modernizing or keeping it classic, earth-tone colors can make a home. So, discover the power of these calming hues and let your creativity soar as you create a space that truly resonates with you!

What are earth tone colors?

An earth-tone color palette includes natural or neutral tones of brown, green, gray, and red. According to color psychology, nature-inspired hues are the best for interiors as they soothe and invigorate.

One top tip when decorating with earth tones is to get inspiration from a season or favorite element. So, think about which of the seasons you want to bring into your home – and have fun! For instance, a kitchen might feel summery while a bedroom yearns for autumn. Use this as an opportunity to reflect on your favorite memories before selecting earth-tone paint colors.

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Voguish Earth-Tone Living Room


1. Sophisticated Tan and Green Earth-Tone Color Palette
A statement need not be bold. Big block colors in muted browns and greens can have a subtle and sophisticated effect. Also add some texture with a jute rug or rattan feature chairs to punctuate the monochrome. The combo, with flourishing greenery, is also superb for a biophilic interior design.

2. Red Brick and Ashy Concrete Earth-Tone Colors
It might seem counterintuitive, but an industrial loft atmosphere can suit earth-toned palettes. For example, the stone-gray of washed concrete walls or floors can pair with warm earth tones like creams, pinks, and dark greens. Plus, exposed brick walls introduce natural shades of burnt orange and red while mirroring dark wooden accents.

3. Ebony and Plum Color Palette
Explore the dark side with rich earth-tone colors of ebony and plum. This color palette takes well to patterned soft surfaces and statement artworks. For an ultra-moody library, include dark leather with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. You can use shapely overhead pendant lights or candles for ambient light in the room too.

4. Heavenly Blue and Gold Earth-Tone Living Room
Glamour is not out of reach in an earth-toned color palette. Sky blue and white lends itself to that enchanting feeling. Then, add small touches of gold and light wooden furniture to weigh it back down to earth.

Calming Earth-Tone Bedroom
Soothing earth-tone bedrooms exude a serene atmosphere that promotes restful nights and rejuvenating mornings. With a palette inspired by nature’s beauty, these bedrooms create a harmonious backdrop for relaxation.

5. As Clean as a Forest Floor
Few earth-tone colors are more serene than green. It is versatile in pairing with light and darker woods, textured or smooth. Add a matching earth-tone rug for the full forest feeling in a contemporary setting.

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